Current Course Offerings


Undergraduate Course Offerings:

G St 201, Women, Gender, Society
Instructor: T. Starkey
MWF, 12 – 12:50
Location: Hume Room 200

Introduction to the growing body of research available from many disciplines for the study of women. Comparison of traditional and feminist interpretations of the nature of women, their capabilities, and their roles in society. Fulfills Humanities Requirement.


G St 303 – The Family
Instructor: E. Lake
MW, 4 – 5:15 PM
Location: Lamar Room 129
Cross-listed as SOC 301

G St 303 – The Family
Instructor: J. Hill

Web Based (Two Sections)
Cross-listed as SOC 301

The American family as an institution and a group of interacting persons; the nature and problems of courtship, husband-wife, and parent-child relationships. Prerequisite: SOC 101, or junior or senior standing.


G St 310 – Women in the South
Instructor: J. Hall

Section 1: TTh, 9:30-10:45 – Carrier Room 211
Section 2: TTh, 11 – 12:15 – Bishop 324
Cross-listed as ENGL 310

A study of the experience of women in the South as revealed primarily through their writings and other expressions. Fulfills Humanities Requirement. 


G St 336 – Women in Southern History
Instructor: J. Wilkerson

TTh 2:30 – 3:45
Location: Bishop Room 112
Cross-listed as HIS 336/S St 303

A historical survey of Southern women with emphasis on research through documentary sources and oral history. 


G St 360 – Women in Literature
Instructor: M Hipp

Web Based
Cross-listed as ENGL 360

A study of the images of women in British and American literature. Content will vary. Fulfills Humanities Requirement.


G St 368 – Feminism, Women, and Religion
Instructor: S. Moses

TTh 11 – 12:15
Location: Bryant 06
Cross-listed as REL 368

An exploration of the commonalities and differences in feminist issues, strategies and methodologies across a number of religious traditions. Readings from a variety of contemporary feminist religious scholars. Fulfills Humanities Requirement. 


G St 399 – Politics of the Women’s Movement
Instructor: H. Ondercin

TTh 11 – 12:15
Location: TBD
Cross-listed as POL 398 – Sec 1

The class will examine the mobilization, participation, and outcomes of the first, second, and third wave of the women’s movements in the United States.  It will also incorporate connections with other social movements such as civil rights, gay rights, and international movements.


G St 444 – Queer Theory
Instructor: J. Cantrell

TTh 11 – 12:15
Location: Kinard 202A
Cross-listed as ENGL 421

This course will trace major movements in the development of queer theory from the 1970s to the present.


G St 494 – Seminar in Literature and Gender: New World Desires
Instructor: C. Wigginton

TTh 1 – 2:15
Location: Shoemaker 114
Cross-listed as ENGL 494

Exploration, colonization, and conquest are often spurred by desire: desire for commodities, wealth, opportunity, land, and power as well as adventure, escape, pleasure, and an encounter with the exotic.  In this course, we will explore expressions of desire in literature and other media created in and in response to the colonial Americas.  We will pay close attention to how desire relates to gender and sexuality as well as race, economics, politics, and spirituality.  Over the course of the semester, we will ask two questions.  First, how did desire compel and structure encounters in the New World?  And second, how did the lived realities of the New World revise desire and, in turn, understandings and expressions of gender and sexuality? Possible texts include William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko, the poetry of Puritans Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor, William Byrd’s Histories of the Dividing Line, J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur’s Letters of an American Farmer, Susanna Rowson’s Slaves in Algiers, and Charles Brockden Brown’s Wieland. This class will be taught as a capstone. Fulfills Humanities Requirement. 


G St 497 – Internship

Approved work settings under professional supervision. May be repeated once for a cumulative total of 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: 6 hours GST coursework and consent of director required.


G St 499 – Directed Readings in Gender Studies

Individual research into selected issues in Gender Studies; content varies.  May be repeated once for credit with permission of director.  Prerequisite:  consent of instructor.


Graduate Course Offerings:

SOC 625 – Current Debates in Gender
Instructor: K. Dellinger

W, 2 – 4:30
Location: Lamar Room 555

Examines the social and cultural construction of gender differences in contemporary U.S. society, focusing on the social history of gender roles and gender inequality in current cultural and institutional practices.