Current Course Offerings

Fall 2015

Undergraduate Course Offerings:

G ST 103 – Women in Antiquity
Instructor: M. Pasco-Pranger
MWF, 9 – 9:50
Location: Lamar 326
Cross-listed as CLC 103

An introduction to the history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome through a consideration of the role and status of women in the classical world. Lectures with slides will be supplemented by readings of ancient texts in translation, in addition to textbook assignments.

G St 201 – Introduction to Gender Studies
Instructor: T. Starkey
MWF, 12 – 12:50 
Location: Bishop 104

G St 201 – Introduction to Gender Studies – Web
Instructor: T. Starkey
Web Based

Introduction to the growing body of research available from many disciplines for the study of women. Comparison of traditional and feminist interpretations of the nature of women, their capabilities, and their roles in society. Fulfills Humanities Requirement.

G St 303 – The Family
Instructor: E. Lake
MW, 4 – 5:15
Location: Lamar Room 129
Cross-listed as SOC 301

G St 303 – The Family
Instructor: J. Hill

Web Based (Two Sections)
Cross-listed as SOC 301

The American family as an institution and a group of interacting persons; the nature and problems of courtship, husband-wife, and parent-child relationships. Prerequisite: SOC 101, or junior or senior standing.

G ST 329 – Queer Playwriting and American Culture
Instructor: J. Cantu
MWF, 10 – 10:50
Location: TBD
Cross-listed as THEA 329

An exploration of LGBTQ-related plays and their influence on American culture.

G St 336 – Women in Southern History
Instructor: J. Hill

Web Based (Two Sections)
Cross-listed as S St 303/HIS 336

A study of the experiences of women in the south as revealed through their writings and other expressions.

G St 344 – Women and Politics
Instructor: H. Ondercin

TTh, 11 – 12:15
Location: Bishop 107
Cross-listed as POL 346

An analysis of women’s political roles. May be taught with focus on United States or with comparative focus.

G St 360 – Women in Literature (Section 1 & 2)
Instructor: J. Wylie Hall

1: TTh, 11 – 12:15
2: TTh, 1 – 2:15
Cross-listed as ENGL 360

G St 360 – Women in Literature
Instructor: M Hipp

Web Based
Cross-listed as ENGL 360

A study of the images of women in British and American literature. Content will vary. Fulfills Humanities Requirement.

G St 365 – Gay and Lesbian Literature and Theory
Instructor: J. Cantrell
TTh, 11 – 12:15
Location: Bryant 200
Cross-listed as ENGL 365

A study of the theoretical perspective involved in the analysis of gay and lesbian representations in literature and other media.

G St 425 – Religion, Gender, and Sexuality
Instructor: A. McDowell

TTh 11 – 12:15
Location: Lamar 519
Cross-listed as SOC 425

This course uses a sociological approach to study how religion is used to organize, control, and change gender and sexual norms.

G St 460 – Psychology of Human Sexuality
Instructor: L. Johnson

TTh 2:30 – 3:45
Location: Peabody 209
Cross-listed as PSY 460

A survey of behavioral, psychological, and physiological research on human sexuality.

G St 494 – Seminar on Literature and Gender
Instructor: C. Wigginton

TTh 11 – 12:15
Location: Bishop 324
Cross-listed as ENGL 494

Images of women and men in literature by women and men, the special role of the woman writer, recurrent formal and contextual convention in literature written by women, and feminist critical theory.

G St 497 – Internship

Approved work settings under professional supervision. May be repeated once for a cumulative total of 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: 6 hours GST coursework and consent of director required.


G St 499 – Directed Readings in Gender Studies

Individual research into selected issues in Gender Studies; content varies.  May be repeated once for credit with permission of director.  Prerequisite:  consent of instructor.


Graduate Course Offerings:

ENGL 759 – Queer Pulp
Instructor: J. Harker

M, 3 – 5:30
Location: Bondurant 112W

Pulp first referred to the format of magazines and books—cheap paper, disposable, meant to be consumed and discarded. Distributed through drugstores and magazines stands, pulp paperbacks were widely available and notoriously trashy in the second half of the 20th century, with covers of buxom women flaunting sex and risking violence.

Queer sexuality always had a special place in pulp paperbacks.  Outside of traditional morality and cultural hierarchies, queer pulp disseminated images of queer life through rural communities and connected queer readers in an imagined urban community.  This class explores key texts in queer pulp from the 1940s through the 1990s.  Possible authors include Patricia Highsmith, Ann Bannon, Christopher Isherwood, Gore Vidal, Victor Banis, Richard Amory, Rita Mae Brown, Ann Allen Shockley, Sarah Schulman, and Mabel Maney. Course requirements: weekly response journals, a 20-page seminar paper, and a class conference on queer pulp.

HIS 652 – Constructing Difference: Gender, Race and Class in Modern Europe and its Colonial Empires 
Instructor: S. Grayzel

T, 1:00 – 3:30
Location: Bishop 326

This course will introduce students to historical literature on questions of gender and its intersection with other markers of difference, particularly race, class, ethnicity and sexuality in modern Europe and its colonies. Readings will draw upon key theoretical works and will place the construction of “difference” and its role in shaping politics, society, and culture in historical and national contexts. Our time frame will explore European societies and their colonial empires from the end of the eighteenth century to the present.

SOC 625 – Current Debates in Gender
Instructor: K. Dellinger

T, 2:30 – 5:00
Location: Lamar 555

Examines the social and cultural construction of gender differences in contemporary U.S. society, focusing on the social history of gender roles and gender inequality in current cultural and institutional practices.