Summer and Fall 2018 Course Offerings

Posted on: April 2nd, 2018 by kcozart

We have a terrific roster of Gender Studies courses in the fall, and we want to make sure you get first dibs in registration.

We are offering Feminist Philosophy for the first time (a hybrid course), and a new online course on Trans Theory (offered under GST 333, Theories in Gender).

We are also offering a number of live classes that haven’t been offered in several years: Women in Politics, Queer Playwriting, Gender in Latin America, and African American Women’s History.

 Add to these a number of specialty courses—Women, Bodies and Horror (online); Environmental Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry; Gay and Lesbian Literature (with the theme “Genderqueer,” focusing on narratives that trouble the gender binary), and a wide range of courses on gender in religion, geography, history, literature, media, and film, and we have an exciting array of offerings.  In addition, we are developing a new emphasis on digital media and feminist activism, starting with Professor Alysia Steele’s course on women’s oral history through podcasting this fall. 

Register! Tell your friends! Take advantage of an embarrassment of riches.  The future is female, feminist, and queer. Come join us.

Click here for full list of current courses.