Women in Southern History

This course explores the history of women and gender in the American South from 1800 to the present. We will consider major questions that relate to women and women’s place in society: How did different groups define womanhood? How did men’s and women’s relationships and roles change over time? How did major historical events affect women’s lives and their status in society? In what ways have women participated in politics, breaking down some barriers while helping to construct others? We will pay particular attention to how class, race, and place shaped the above issues, and the ways in which women molded politics, society, and culture in the American South. Themes we will examine closely include legal status, family life, political participation, reproduction, work, sexuality, and activism. Students will gain an understanding of the major issues and debates in the field of women’s history and will read, analyze, and develop arguments about how gender shaped the American South.

Instructor: J. Wilkerson
TTH 2:30 - 3:45, Bishop 324
Crosslisted as HST 454, SST 303