Special Topics in Literature and Gender

This semester, “Special Topics in Gender and Literature” will focus on environmental nonfiction, fiction, and poetry written by 20th– and 21st-century American women. Writers may include nonfiction writers Mary Daly, Donna Haraway, Terry Tempest Williams, Mary Austin; novelists Willa Cather, Olivia Butler, Barbara Kingsolver; poets Muriel Rukeyser, Elizabeth Bishop, Lucille Clifton, Linda Hogan, Layli Long Soldier, Rose McLarney, Laura-Gray Street, Alison Hedge Coke, Judy Jordan, Emmy Pérez, Tiffany Higgins, and/or others. We will look at a wide range of voices and concerns that span the last 120 years, and the country. The class will emphasize discussion as well as lecture, a research project of current urgency, and a range of other activities.

Instructor: A. Fischer-Wirth
TTH 1 - 2:15, Anderson 231
Crosslisted as ENG 491