Gender Theory

In this class, we will examine a variety of theoretical perspectives and themes used by researchers of gender from the last century (e.g., Intersectionality, Queer Theory, Critical Race Theory).

Because there is not one theory but many, I will not be teaching you which is right or which is wrong; there is no such thing. In this class, you will need to think critically about the theories and understand how they are similar to and different from one another.  It will be up to you to evaluate the theories – Does the theory make logical sense? Is it consistent with material learned in other classes? Do research and personal experience support it? What kind of impact has it had on the field and beyond? You are expected to develop your own opinions about each of these theories, which you will then be able to explain, defend, and explore further.  

Instructor: T. Starkey
T 3 - 5:30, S. Residential College 123