Cracked Glass Bridges

Posted on: October 26th, 2016 by kcozart
Scales of justice

Scales of justice

You know that glass bridge I have been standing on, well it is starting to crack. After the last debate and the recent video and information released on Trump, I have broken into tears at least twice. Let me tell y’all, I don’t cry often and I panic even less, but I have been stuck, unable to write, and unable to sort through the disaster this Presidential race has turned into. I don’t want to write my opinion for y’all, because I honestly think there are too many opinions out there and not enough facts. Journalism use to be, here are the facts you decide, and now “journalism” and a Facebook newsfeed are hard to tell apart. The problem I am having though, is there are no clear facts; most of it is smear, cover ups, and opinions. After a debate if you turn to Fox they say Trump won, and if you turn to CNN at the same time the are saying that Clinton won. I feel like every source I go to is equal to a Wikipedia page, because the next day it is easily changed. This election is built on opinion instead of clear facts, but to choose a president you need to have the facts and form your own opinion. I am going to highlight some facts that are not positive about each candidate. Please understand that this is not a comparison piece, I am not putting them up against each other, but instead just laying out the common themes and facts of both candidates so that you can see them in a non-biased light. When reading below understand that there is no way you can accurately compare the two candidates to each other. Trump doesn’t have 30 years of political dirt to be held against him while Hillary does; you on you own have to decide if that is a positive or a negative to you. You on your own have to decide which candidate you feel comfortable voting for, because in the end voting is the most important expression of our freedom.
Hillary Clinton
  • 33,000 emails were deleted from her private server
  • She said none of the emails contained classified material, twenty-two were marked “special access program”, a level that is higher than top secret  
  • Two boxes of emails and information have gone missing
  • Four Americans died at the American Embassy in Benghazi, numerous calls were made to the State Department to send backup or approve the request to abandon the embassy the requests were denied.
  • The Clinton Foundation has and continues to take donations from foreign donors, some of which are state sponsors of terrorism and suppressive of women and LGBTQ rights
  • She not only stood beside Bill Clinton during the sexual allegations against women, one which lead to his impeachment due to the fact that he lied to Congress, but she also condemned the accusers without granting them due process
Donald Trump
  • Through the 2005 video with Billy Bush he said it is okay to sexually assault women
  • The comments made are extremely offensive to women and their rights, and are not presidential in any way
  • He has made an uncountable amount of misogynistic and racist comments
  • Not released his tax returns
  • While  his temperament works for him in the private sector, we are unable to know how it will work when dealing with foreign dignitaries
  • Donated $25,000 to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who then stopped the investigation into Trump University
  • The allegations from multiple women in the last couple of weeks, if determined to be true, are not only offensive to women but a violation of their human rights
  • The investigation into the solicitation of foreign donations for his campaign
Now I write those facts, not picking a candidate, but instead picking fact over opinion. Because if I stated my opinion on both candidates it would be an endless rant of emotional turmoil. But that is not what you, America, or I need, we need facts, we need to look at evidence of actions and conclude from there which candidate we can stomach to vote for.  I apologize for the negativity of this post, I hope to be more positive in the next. But the fact is sometimes you just have to dig through the dirt to find the truth, and even when you find the truth it might still be ugly to look at.