“Gay and Greek, Straight and Shunned”

Posted on: April 10th, 2015 by kcozart


Greek life on this campus is intense and crazy for an average straight member, however being gay makes Greek life an entirely different ball game. Being gay and being a member of a Greek organization on this campus is a rare commodity. So forgive me if I would like to keep my identity a secret for the time being. This campus is becoming steadily more open with the idea of openly gay members in the community, but it is sad to say that I believe the Greek community is behind the times with embracing the growing LGBTQ community with interest in being Greek. Sometimes I find myself sitting in the house wondering if certain people would still speak to me at lunch if they knew I was not exactly who they thought I was. I also wonder if I would be a member of the amazing organization I am currently if I had not presented myself as straight during recruitment. I like to think that it would not have mattered, but I can not say for sure. I am not in this alone however. I was surprised to learn about other people just like me in the Greek community: apart of the community but not fully expressing themselves out of fear of how their friends would react. I know these stereotypes are not true for all members of the Greek community. I have friends that I know would be welcoming to any LGBTQ members into their Greek Community and I applaud those people. I just want all those members of a Greek organization who identify with the LGBTQ community to understand that they are not alone, and hopefully there will be a time when we can be who we are and embrace all the areas of our lives equally and openly.