The Isom Center offers a Gender Studies Minor, an interdisciplinary course of study that will help students understand how and why notions of “masculinity” and “femininity” have changed at different times and in different cultures. Analysis of gender also includes attention to other social categories, such as race, ethnicity, class, nationality, ability, age, and sexual orientation. Students can select from a variety of cross-listed courses taught by some of the best and most innovative teachers from the departments of African American Studies, Classics, English, History, Modern Languages, Political Science, Philosophy & Religion, Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology, and Southern Studies.


18 hours of Gender Studies courses, including two from the following: Gender Studies 201, 301, 325, 333, 338, 390, 494. Students are required to earn a minimum grade of C in each course taken for the minor. All students are encouraged to see Dr. Susan Grayzel, Interim Director of the Isom Center, to enroll in the minor.

GST 103, 201, 301, 310, 311, 324, 326, 333, 352, 354, 360, 365, 385, 390, 438, 482 and 494 count toward the Additional Humanities Requirement.



The Isom Center does not yet offer a formal major in Gender Studies. Students interested in having such a concentration are encouraged to consider enrolling in the B. A. in Liberal Arts. All information posted on the Gender Studies Minor is also relevant to the B. A. in Liberal Arts.


Gender Studies can be used as one of three minors to create an interdisciplinary major and receive a B. A. in Liberal Arts. Graduates’ degrees and transcripts will read “Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts” (not in Gender Studies); however, graduates may state their three minors or “gender studies concentration” (depending on their selection of courses) on their resumes and in job and graduate school applications. For more requirements, please see the advising worksheet. Contact Dr. Grayzel or Ms. Barbara Leeton, Assistant to the Dean of Liberal Arts, at 915-7177 or

For job, internship, and study abroad opportunities in gender studies, go to the link on “Resources.”