Isom Student Gender Conference

The Isom Student Gender Conference (ISGC) hosted the first undergraduate research conference at the University of Mississippi in 2001.  The conference provides undergraduates from the University of Mississippi and other institutions of higher learning an invaluable opportunity for professional development. At the conference, students share their research with others and are able to connect to academic and artistic communities and build support networks.

The Isom Student Gender Conference is interdisciplinary and open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students explore research projects in Sociology, Anthropology, English, Education,  History, Southern Studies,  Creative Writing and Poetry, and other disciplines. We encourage all interested students to come and share their research passions.

The annual Isom Student Gender Conference is held in spring.  The conference includes presentations by graduate and undergraduate students as well as a featured keynote speaker.

18th annual Isom Student Gender Conference ~ “Liberty and Justice for All
April 4-6, 2018

The Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies at the University of Mississippi is pleased to announce its 18th Annual Isom Student Gender Conference (ISGC) in the spring of 2018. The ISGC is scheduled for Wednesday, April 4th through Friday, April 6th on the campus of the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi. This Call for Papers invites both undergraduate and graduate student scholars, writers, and activists to participate.

The 2018 conference theme is Liberty and Justice for All. We invite participants to interrogate issues of equity, equality, respect, dignity, visibility, and freedom in their disciplines of study, society, and personal experience. What aspects of gender and sexuality are marginalized in our communities, both public and private? What structural frameworks impede access to social, cultural, and judicial equity? What forces combine to produce inequalities institutionally, locally, regionally, nationally, and on a global level? What means of resistance have been invented to combat such forces of inequality?  All these questions inform our theme of Liberty and Justice for All.

Students are welcome to submit papers from all disciplines, along with creative writing projects such as fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Additionally, proposals for roundtable discussions that center on community building, advocacy, and social change both on and off the campus through the arts, social media, and student engagement with broader communities are encouraged.

A small number of domestic travel grants will be made available to non-UM students.

Please submit a three hundred word abstract by February 16th, 2018 to:

For additional information or questions, feel free to contact us at or call (662) 915-5916.


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