Isom Student Gender Conference

The Isom Student Gender Conference (ISGC) hosted the first undergraduate research conference at the University of Mississippi in 2001.  The conference provides undergraduates from the University of Mississippi and other institutions of higher learning an invaluable opportunity for professional development. At the conference, students share their research with others and are able to connect to academic and artistic communities and build support networks.

The Isom Student Gender Conference is interdisciplinary and open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students explore research projects in Sociology, Anthropology, English, Education,  History, Southern Studies,  Creative Writing and Poetry, and other disciplines. We encourage all interested students to come and share their research passions.

The annual Isom Student Gender Conference is held in spring.  The conference includes presentations by graduate and undergraduate students as well as a featured keynote speaker.

18th annual Isom Student Gender Conference ~ “Liberty and Justice for All
April 4-6, 2018

Final Schedule:

Wednesday, April 4th
The Inn at Ole Miss

2 PM ◊ Feminist and Queer Methods in the World
Moderator: Jaime Harker (English & Gender Studies)

  • Barrett, Frankie (Graduate – Southern Studies) ▪ The Appalachian “Sweetheart” Murder Ballad and Contemporary Offshoots
  • Hodge, Amber P. (Graduate – English) ▪ As She Lay Dying: Maternal Futurity in Kaui Hart Hemming’s The Descendents

3:15 ◊ East Asia Study Abroad: Case Studies of Conflicts with Cultural Identities and the American Dream
Moderator: Minjoo Oh (Sociology)

  • Cheng, Yi-Chun (Graduate – Modern Languages)
  • Park, Jimin (Graduate – Modern Languages)
  • Takehara, Chikako (Graduate – Modern Languages)

4:30 ◊ Memory, History, and Symbols
Moderator: Amy McDowell (Sociology)

  • Proffitt, Holly (Graduate – Higher Education) ▪ Voices of Women in Higher Education: Dean of Women, Estella Hefley
  • Shappley, Maddie (Undergraduate – Sociology) ▪ Stonewall and the Hidden Transgender Community
  • Vedala, Sree Maha (Millsaps – Undergraduate – Religious Studies) ▪ Erotic Mysticism in Vaishnavism: Exploring the Consorthood and Gender of God

6 ◊ Keynote: “Intersectionality and Institutionalization: Gender, Social Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Experiences of Health and Disease in the Mississippi State Asylum, Jackson, MS (1855-1935)”
Presented by: Molly Zuckerman, Associate Professor of Anthropology
(Mississippi State University)

Thursday, April 5th
The Oxford – University Depot

8 AM ◊ Creative Writing Panel
Moderator: Melissa Ginsburg (English)

  • Abide, Caroline (Undergraduate)
  • Hearn, Briana (Undergraduate – English) ▪ Snows Creek, Another Unsent Love Letter to Her, and 4 A.M. Revelations.
  • Smith, Alexis (Undergraduate – International Studies/Spanish) ▪ To Margot
  • Thrasher, Mattie (Undergraduate – Psychology, English, and Environmental Studies)
  • White, Tyler Anne (Undergraduate – Journalism/Spanish)

9:15 ◊ Feminism and Affect
Moderated: Jaime Hovey (Gender Studies)

  • Ervin, Bekah (Millsaps – Undergraduate – Women’s & Gender Studies) ▪ “Feminist Killjoys”: Analyzing Perceptions and Critiques of the Angry Feminist Stereotype
  • Knirnschild, Jacqueline (Undergraduate – Anthropology) ▪ The Virginity Myth: How the Definition of “Sex” Perpetuates Rape Culture and a Heteronormative Society
  • Shannon, Kelly (Muhlenberg College – Undergraduate – Theatre & English) ▪ Power, Pleasure, & Prejudice: Stand-Up Comedy and the Abject Femme

10:30 ◊ Pop Culture Panel
Moderator: Theresa Starkey (Gender Studies)

  • Furtado, Elizabeth (Undergraduate) ▪ Sister Imelda: A Story of a Young Girl’s Attempt at Liberation
  • Ladner, Simon (Millsaps – Undergraduate – Music Education) ▪ Augmenting Counterculture: Transgenderism in Punk Rock, Transgenderism as Punk Rock
  • Travers, Matthew (Undergraduate – International Studies/Chinese) ▪ The Role of the Zoot-Suit in 1940s America

11:30 ◊ Space, Objects, & Surveillance: Mapping Queer Desire in Southern Gothic Fiction
Moderated by: Jaime Harker (English & Gender Studies)

  • Black, Melissa (Graduate – English) ▪ “Thus it will go on, so long as children are gay”: The Queer Neverland in Truman Capote’s Other Voices, Other Rooms
  • Nick, Ally (Graduate – English) ▪ Collecting Curios: Things and Queer Desire in Truman Capote’s Other Voices, Other Rooms
  • Stephens, Sara (Graduate – English) ▪ The Prison of the Mind in McCullers’ Reflections in a Golden Eye
  • Stowe, Anne Carter (Graduate – English) ▪ Breaking “through walls to each other”: Tensions between Oppressive and Liberating Space in Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

1 PM ◊ “Provocative Porter, Wild Welty: Dignity, Visibility and Body Politics”
Moderator: Annette Trefzer (English)

  • Downes, Katie (Graduate – English)
  • Howell, Katherine (Graduate – English)
  • Moorhead, Bailey (Graduate – English)
  • Nekola, Elsa (Graduate – English)
  • Nick, Ally (Graduate – English)
  • Spencer, Seth (Graduate – English)
  • Taylor, Haley (Graduate – English)

2:15 ◊ Creative Writing Panel
Moderated by: Beth Ann Fennelly

  • Faulk, LaToya (Instructor – Writing and Rhetoric) ▪ The Girls on Ojibwe Street
  • Hultman, Conor (Undergraduate – English) ▪ The Body Patent
  • Knirnschild, Jacqueline (Undergraduate – Anthropology) ▪ Stand Up/Tapestry
  • Smith, Maggie (Undergraduate – English)

3:30 ◊ Fresh Readings from Generation Z: Toni Morrison’s Sula and The Bluest Eye
Moderator: Anne MacMaster (English – Millsaps)

  • Johnson, Amara (Millsaps – Undergraduate – English Literature) ▪ Performative Acts and Performative Utterance in Toni Morrison’s Sula
  • Lee, Frances (Millsaps – Undergraduate – Art History & English Literature) ▪ “Artist with No Art Form”: Toni Morrison’s Black Women Artists
  • Walker, Adria (Millsaps – Undergraduate – Sociology & Anthropology) ▪ Durkheim and Deviance in Toni Morrison’s Sula

6 ◊ Keynote: “Cross-Talk between the Sciences and Humanities: The Case of Human Emotions”
Presented by Dr. Laura Otis, Professor of English (Emory)
202 Farley Hall

Friday, April 6th
The Oxford – University Depot

8 AM ◊ Literary Panel
Moderated by: Anne MacMaster (English – Millsaps)

  • Crosby, Erin (Millsaps – Communications Studies) ▪ Appropriation of Zelda Fitzgerald
  • Hussey, Emily (Millsaps – English) ▪ The Taming of the Shrew: Analyzing Three Modern Interpretations and Their Significance
  • Scelfo, Gabriella (Millsaps – English Literature) ▪ 10 Things I Hate About You’s Kat: Shakespearean Shrew to Disney Princess
  • Wilson, Laura (Graduate – English) ▪ “They Told Stories Enough for a Volume by Itself”: Examining the Research Methodologies of Zora Neale Hurston’s Mules and Men

9:15 ◊ Fear & Phobias: Intersection of Evolutionary Adaptation & Socially Constructed Fear
Moderator: Leslie Delassus (Gender Studies)

  • Freeman, Carly (Champlain – Undergraduate, Graphic Design) ▪ The Naked Truth: What’s Underneath the Style
  • Ouellette, Emily (Champlain – Undergraduate – Early Childhood & Elementary Education ) ▪ Fear and Phobias: The Intersection of Evolutionary Adaptation and Socially Constructed Fear
  • Struble, Karly (Champlain College Undergraduate, Graphic Design and Digital Media) ▪ Invisible Nipples: Instagram’s Prohibitions of the Female Form

10:30 ◊ Sexual Assault: A Discussion
Moderator: Dr. Carrie Smith (Isom Fellow – Psychology)

  • Jewell, Devin (Undergraduate – Psychology)
  • Mathias, Victoria (Alumna – Psychology)
  • Paul, Adam (Undergraduate – Psychology and Philosophy)
  • Rhodes, Kirby (Graduate Student – Criminal Justice)

11:45 ◊ Creative Writing
Moderator: Julie Enzer (Gender Studies)

  • Anderson, Lauren (Undergraduate – English/Classics) ▪ The Secret Language
  • Carter, Alexis (Millsaps – Undergraduate – English) ▪ The Sexless Self
  • Robinson, Zaden (Millsaps – Undergraduate – English Literature) ▪ Coda

1 PM ◊ Cultural Narratives and Gendered and Raced Methodologies
Moderator: Elizabeth Venell (Gender Studies)

  • Heard, Toya (Graduate – Higher Education) ▪ QPOC and the Risks and Rewards of Separate Groups for Queer People of Color
  • Liberto, Alexis (Graduate – Psychology) ▪ Improving Gender-Specific Resources Among Female Juvenile Offender Facilities
  • Smith, Michael A. (Graduate – Higher Education) ▪ Gender and Undergraduate Retention
  • Wagner, Isadora (Graduate – English) ▪ Assessing the Needs of R.O.T.C. Cadet Training Programs for Gender Studies Coursework at the University of Mississippi—A Research Study

2:15 ◊ Re-presenting Slavery: Gender & Sexuality in Contemporary Black Cinema
Moderator: Leslie Delassus (Gender Studies)

  • Allen, I’dena (Undergraduate – Political Science) ▪ The Sunken Place: Black Masculinity & ‘Socially Acceptable’ Racism in Get Out
  • Boyte, Megan (University of Mississippi Undergraduate, Psychology) ▪ “I Got No Comfort in this Life”: Gendered Experiences in 12 Years a Slave
  • Wallace, Kendrick (Undergraduate – Exercise Science) ▪ Get Out of Stepford!: The Remake as a Point of Intersection between Racial and Gendered Oppression

3:30 ◊ Queering and Feministing the Archive
Moderator: Jessie Wilkerson (History)

  • Heying, Sarah (Graduate – English) ▪ Co-Imagining Sensual Connections across time and Space: Dorothy Allison’s Trash and the Queer Archive
  • Schultz, Hooper (Graduate – Southern Studies) ▪ Hidden Movements: Landykes of the South
  • Spencer, Seth (Graduate – English) ▪ Eighteenth-Century Literary Societies, Gender, and Patriarchal Antebellum Print Culture
  • Young, Regina (Graduate – English) ▪ Women’s Voices, the Eugenics Archives, and Resistance to the Eugenics Movement