Super Women

Posted on: April 10th, 2015 by kcozart

10269623_10152120506043302_2409024361975547098_nBy: Kathryn Hathorne

Two of the top ten most powerful people in world, according to for the year 2014, were women. #5 on the list was Angela Merkel and #6 on the list was Janet Yellen, both have become household names, especially Janet Yellen in recent months. Merkel was elected as Germany’s Chancellor in 2005, making her the first female to hold this position and now the longest serving elected EU head of state. Merkel was ranked 2nd on Forbes 2013 most powerful list making her the highest ranked woman ever. Yellen is the current Chair of the Board of Governors of The Federal Reserve System and first woman to ever hold this position. The reason I bring up all these facts about these two incredible women is to highlight how important understanding the principle, there are no limits to the life you can live, applies to all women. These two women did not grow up the way my generation has, but these two women along with countless others have paved the way for women to be seen as powerful all over the world. Both women are in the their 60s and I can assure you they see how the world has changed and how the world view of women has altered over the years. I am only 20 years old and I have seen many women be the first to achieve statuses that were predominately considered male only. I can only imagine what is to come in the realm of women’s first. Mississippi is currently paving the way for women in the National football league with the first female NFL referee, Sarah Thomas. That gives me so much hope! Even five years ago I could not have imagined a women being on the sidelines as a referee. As someone who plans to become the first female General Manager of a NFL team, I am empowered by the thought that this goal does not seem to be unattainable.