There’s Beauty in the Pixie

Posted on: April 10th, 2015 by kcozart

Picture1By Candace Smith

When you initially tell someone to list some physical traits that make a beautiful woman, they would probably start off by saying pretty hair (while saying this picturing a women with stunning long hair). It wouldn’t matter if the hair was black, blonde, brunette, or red. If it was long, it would always be what was desirable. I remember as a kid standing in lines at grocery stores and browsing through magazines. I noticed that each cover always had one thing in common, a striking woman with perfect skin and perfectly, silky, long hair. Even in commercials about things not even related to hair, for example, skin care, feature women who have the most remarkable hair. Society has presented a specific view of the ideal woman. This view in fact includes a woman with enviable, long hair. I mean there is even an entire Disney princess that is famous all because of her magical golden locks.


Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Shailene Woodley, Emma Watson, and even Beyoncé, among many others have decided to subvert the typical hair images of women. One thing all of these women have in common is undeniable confidence. In their case, I’d have to disagree with the known saying, “My hair doesn’t define me.” I believe they would agree that they are indeed defined by their hair. There hair shows hey, I do not need long locks to feel beautiful. I’m okay with being different. Because I don’t have long locks, others are able to see the real features that make me absolutely phenomenal. I personally, don’t know if I have the boldness to do the big chop. Maybe one day. In spite, I stand proud of the women who say, I have a pixie and I am just as striking because of it.