True Stories of the Sinful and Sultry South

Posted on: October 30th, 2014 by kcozart

southernsinSouthern Sin: True Stories of the Sultry South and Women Behaving Badly contains memoirs by 23 Southerners who have “acted up”—and who have reflected, with wisdom and humor, on what they’ve learned from their transgressions.  As Dorothy Allison asks in her introduction, “What is specifically Southern about sin?  Do we do it better, with greater abandon?  What crime of region or language marks us unique and original?”   River Jordan, Elane Johnson, and Sonja Livingston, all contributors to this anthology receiving praise from reviews, come together to consider these questions on a panel moderated by Beth Ann Fennelly.

Join them November 19th at 5 PM in the Overby Center Auditorium.

An Excerpt from Southern Sin:

“This volume contains stories of women who commit transgressions that change their lives. Many of these changes are painful (aren’t all changes painful?), but the women speaking to us from the far side of the process are schooled.

Ive always believed that through reading we educate our emotional intelligence. Just as our dreams provide a space for us to psychically rehearse our day’s anxieties, reading allows us to test alternate conclusions. We inhabit other characters and experience their choices as our own, through the exercise of empathy. By reading the memoirs collected here, we imaginatively re-experience the choices these “bad” women made. We can be cheaters and lawbreakers, liars and avengers, deviants and plotters. We can get away with murder. Will reading these tales prevent us from sinning? Not likely. But it’s enlightening, as well as entertaining, to consider the wages of sin. It’s possible our future decisions will be better informed. “

– “Running from the Lord” by Beth Ann Fennelly – Southern Sin