Podcasting: Power of Storytelling in a Digital World

This class is offered to students interested in producing oral history podcasts as it relates to gender studies and women’s rights in Mississippi during the early 20th century. The primary objective is to produce engaging and storytelling audio projects that are of professional quality. Students will also learn basic mobile photography skills to produce formal portraits of their interviewees. Students will learn how interviewing, scriptwriting, and producing skills. Work produced in this class will directly benefit journalism and gender studies majors and minors, who are interested in multimedia, and community engagement through cultural and historic preservation. Each student will be required to pitch and produce at least three individual stories that include news and feature stories, with reports of varying time lengths. The goal is create thoughtful, newsworthy and engaging audio projects and an accompanying photo exhibition for university-sponsored events.

Instructor: A. Steele
MW 5 - 6:15, Farley 138 Writing Lab