Isom Student Gender Conference


Isom Student Gender Conference

The Isom Student Gender Conference (ISGC) hosted the first undergraduate research conference at the University of Mississippi in 2001.  The conference provides undergraduates from the University of Mississippi and other institutions of higher learning an invaluable opportunity for professional development. At the conference, students share their research with others and are able to connect to academic and artistic communities and build support networks.

The Isom Student Gender Conference is interdisciplinary and open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students explore research projects in Sociology, Anthropology, English, Education,  History, Southern Studies,  Creative Writing and Poetry, and other disciplines. We encourage all interested students to come and share their research passions.

The annual Isom Student Gender Conference is held in spring.  The conference includes presentations by graduate and undergraduate students as well as a featured keynote speaker.

Note: The 2019 ISGC will be held in conjunction with the Southeastern Women's Studies Association Conference being that the Isom Center is hosting on March 7-9, 2019.