Fall 2018

Dr.Michael Bibler

Dr.Michael Bibler

Michael Bibler, Ph.D.

Friday, October 12th: "RuPaul Before Supermodel:  Starrbooty and the Politics of Racial Drag" 

In this lecture. Dr. Michael Bibler (English ~ LSU) will discus  RuPaul’s early caree and her creaon o the personas Starrbooty and Miss Rachel Tensions, who both inhabited spaces that took white constructions of black respectability literally. e will also discuss early controversy about whether Ru’s drag was “black
enough” to contemporary controversies about trans identity.  

Noon, Tupelo Room, Barnard Observatory

Dr.Chris Freeman

Dr.Chris Freeman

Chris Freeman, Ph.D.

Friday, October 12th: “Eventually We are all Queer:” Isherwood, Identities, and Legacies 

Dr. Chris Freeman (English & Gender Studies, USC)  will use Christopher Isherwood as a case study to consider issues connected to mentorship, queer relationships, “mainstream” and marginal literary success, and queer studies into the  twenty-first century. 

Noon, Tupelo Room, Barnard Observatory

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